Dogs that have done something really special will be used as stud dogs on really good bitches. We can off course discuss other males but this is the 2 males that we think should put their genes to the next generation because of what they done and the great bodies. If you are intrested in breeding on them just contact us for more information and price. Before breeding they will be eyechecked on the cost of our kennel.

Denvilldra Teqno. A super nice lead dog that is always in good mood. Friendly to everyone and everything. Runs at all positions with the same proffessionalism. He is the father of our  litter born in may 2008. This dogs shows great working ability.

Trahimus Tiny Tim. Father of our first born litter in may 2008. A very kindly dog with a very high working ability. Despite he isnīt very high he works for two! Have a very nice body. Does not run inlead.