We bought our first siberian husky in the spring 2004. It was Indian Tribe´s Husky Comox. He is the foundation of our big interest in this special dogs. And the interest is growing bigger for every day. At the same time we also bought Cailey, a mix breed polardog. We wanted to have some dogs just for fun when we moved out to the farm we bought. Until that day we lived in an apartment on the third floor almost in the middle of Helsingborg.

As almost every people know, this dogs are born with a big will to spend their extra energy on pulling. Comox showed us this will, so we bought a harness and started pulling with him tied to our mountain bike. Fun! Wonder how it would be to pull with more dogs? We bought Tjalbergets Meleia, a 10 month old bitch. The week after that, we bought two puppies, Cera and Kayo from Snow Tribe´s. Now there was a foundation to a 4-team. We were biking with Meleia and Comox. After a while we bought a Saccocart. I think it is how the biggest part of todays mushers started their career. Today no one could ever talk me over to sitt down in this training carts after a siberian. It´s a danger for your life!
Vox Celesta´s Top Boy( Tobbe) came to us in the summer 2006. At that time we had 6 dogs on the farm, 5 willing to pull. We started to train the dogs for competitions in the season 06/07.

Our dogs went on their first competitions that season. We started with a 4-team at Nordic Open in Asarne, the Championship for siberian husky in Lillholmsjö and the SHAM (SiberianHuskyAlaskanMalamute) competition in Nornäs. When we were at this competitions we bought more dogs. Some of then well planned, some not. We bought Team Amarox Mumin, a god lead dog from Pia Ångström. In Lillholmsjö we met Constant from kennel Napapijri. He had his lovely puppies with him. So I fell in love with Chevak. Adam had no other choice than agree that we should have more dogs. Chevak and his brother Caswell (Cash) was bought from Napapijri. When we were on our way back home from this competitions we picked up 4 males that we got for the price of a good home. It was Ahtna (Acke), Tagish (Tage), Denvilldra Teqno and Frodo.

After  long time thinking we decided to put Cailey into a family with lots of kids, living in Höör. She weight 34 kg and didn´t like to pull with the siberians. Frodo is now living with Ida, a friend from Adams work. He had shown other specialities than just pulling - he was the best dog to look for mushrooms! Ahtna is in the dog heaven. He was fighting with all the other males and he was always stressed. So, left at our place we had Comox, Meleia, Cera, Kayo, Tobbe, Chevak, Cash, Mumin, Teqno and Tage.

In summer 2007 we got the opportunity to buy 4 promising dogs from Catarina Södersten. So Trahimus Tiny Tim, Niklas, Sven and Dio came to us.

In the last part of winter 2008 we had to put our first husky to sleep, Comox. So he is in the dog heaven for sure. We miss him every day and hope to meet him in our next lives.

And in the last part of summer 2008 Tage moved to our X handler Ronja. All the attention is located at him. That was what he needed. And when you have that many dogs you can´t just give one dog the whole attention. It is not far from us, so we can vivit him whenever we want to.

Tjalbergets Meleia moved to Gino and Elsie at Fjällandspirit, a tourist kennel, in the winter 2008. Meleia is a nice, good working and wery social bitch, so she really deserves only the best. She was not fast enough for sprint distances with our long legged males. But at that kennel they give her all the time she needs, the speed is not that important there.