Sandra Olofsson

That´s me. I´m born 19801113 in Helsingborg. It´s still the city in my heart. In my younger years I had many different hobbies like horses, karate, dance, aerobics and so on. Today it is Maja, our siberian huskies and the farm.

When I was nineteen I moved together with Adam( as I tell everyone: it was then I imported him :)) We lived in an 3 room apartment just a few minutes from the inner city in Helsingborg. Since I always spent my summer vacations at my aunts farm in Poland and Adams parents bought a farm in the 90´s in Poland we started dreaming of a farm on our own. This dream came true in june 2004. Then we found our paradise, Munkarp 216. When we moved it was planned that we should have two horses, some dogs, chicken and maybe rabbits. But it went in another direction. The first dogs we bought was Cailey( a polarbreed mix) and Comox( pure siberian husky). We got fascinated over this dogs and today here is 16 dogs but still no horses. For some time we were involved in a saving program for the pigs "Linderödssvin". I educated in breeding and butching rabbits and had some New Zeeland rabbits just for ourselves , with planns to starting in a bigger scale. When we started competing with the dogs we realized that there is not enough of time for everything. So we sold the pigs and rabbits and invested all of our time in the dogs and our little princess Maja! A decission we never regret.