B-litter was born 2008-05-13.

Team Amarox Mumin and Denvilldra Teqno got 11 puppies. But 3 of them was not wealthy and during the next night Mumin also putted away a male. But there still was 7 fighters left. So the theme for that litter is the Gladiators. 

5 bitches and 2 males.

Medusa, stays at the kennel.

Zeke, stays at the kennel.

Izor. He lives with Sandra Abrahamsson and Elis Fröberg in Vetlanda. They call him Vargtass.  

Amber. Amber that nowadays is called Phoebe, lives in Norway in Oslo together with Anders and Priscilla Fugelli. There she got all the best tips from mushers like Johanne Sundby and Rikke Bergedal.

Elektra. Since the Swedish Championship in Gafsele she lives with the family Björk. To be more specifik she is the first dog that Ida Björk bought by herself. She will bring many trophys for Team Sweden together with Ida. Ida call her Ella.   

Nova. Both Nova and Embla lives outside Sorsele at a tourist kennel with both siberian huskys and alaskan malamutes. It is a small, newely started touristkennel with many years of experience of this breed. There they will do what they like the most - to pull and play in the snow. Matthias bought this two girls when we were in Lillholmsjö.


Embla to the left, Nova to the right.